The Schizophrenic

Secretary : Mr Patel would see you now Mr Kuro.

(I was waiting for about 20 mins when my time for the interview came.)

Mr Patel : Hello Kuro, I see you have worn quite an amusing dress for an interview. You look like a journalist in search of truth.

(I was wearing a kurta with a cargo pant).

Kuro : Well, perhaps.

Mr Patel : You know what this position is about ?

Kuro : Yes. So I have to write content for real estate.

Mr Patel : That is correct. Being a prestigious commercial construction firm, we cater to a very renowned clientele who expect nothing less than 100% perfection in our work.
You will be drafting content for catalogues that will bear details to all the specs and amenities our various buildings houses. Our main focus right now is a specialized green house plant which is home to quite exotic plants. Very periodically we indulge in projects where these plants are very carefully lifted with the help of air-space to outside locations within a...uh

Kuro : Controlled environment ?

Mr Patel : Exactly! As these projects are time-bound. We work under a tight-schedule of 6 days a week. Most of our workforce are ex-army personnels who have dedicated their life and will to the company’s wellfare. They take no lax measures with work and are stringent against any tardiness displayed from anyone within the team.

(The schizophrenia kicked in. Was the exotic plants an allegory for genius individuals within the city who are carefully assassinated once they stop giving milk? The military personnel gimmick does house a fully equiped kidnapping zone. So many people disappearing without a trace. Anyways I am too lazy to work with tight-assed PTSD afflicted senile workforce. Better say no then deliver eventual dissapointments..)

Mr Patel : I just noticed in your CV that you have about an year’s gap in your career. May I ask why?

Kuro : Well I worked for a startup and things didn't go well with the management so I kinda absconded.

Mr Patel : That is a pretty grave confession. If you have to join our firm, I would require a relieving letter from this organisation. Gaps don’t do good for a young working fellow like you. Call the company, have a heart to heart talk. Things will sort out.

(The advice was sound but my ego was not. The superfluous hurt of being identified as an expendable human component by the HR to an ever growing firm had me trolling the company with expletives. It sucked to know you are gradually turning obsolete in the ever booming information age. My ego wouldn’t relent. The past’s wound and perspective was not compromising.)

Kuro : Alright. Give me two days time to sort out my matters. And I will let you know day after tomorrow what I can do from my end.

Mr Patel : You know, you should write a book.

Kuro : I get that a lot. But no thanks. I have a life to live.

(I got selected in another company with the gap. Mr Patel’s secretary called in to check on my decision. I said I couldn’t produce the relieving letter. She said that was fine, I could still join. But I am already placed in another company so thanks for the opportunity, I told her. She said ok and kept the call.)

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